About Us

Mäxmellow's Story

We are a small German clothing label with the aim to bring individuality and color to the streets!

At Mäxmellow Apparel, you will receive your skatewear, surfwear, beachwear and festivalwear made under fair conditions.

All designs are created during a journey of love, joy and happiness.

Our clothes represent the sense of freedom one has when standing on a hilltop after a long hike and gazing into the endless expanse or strolling through the streets of a new, unknown place at dusk - EXCITEMENT_JOY_PLEASURE_FREEDOM.

The passion for traveling and designing can be traced back to Mäxmellow´s childhood. At an early age, his parents began to take him to distant places. Besides, Mäxmellow always had a sense for everything colorful and extraordinary.

Unable to find his favorite clothesin shops, he decided one day to design his own apparel.

And as is sometimes the case, people started to ask Mäxmellow, who was actually a student of sinology and ethnology, where these cool clothes could be bought. So one thing came to another and in 2017 Mäx founded his own start-up label, at that time still under the name "meinshirtshop".

From now on Mäxmellow toured Europe to offer his products at music festivals and fairs ...

... This year you can again visit our stand at some events or order your favorite clothes 24/7 in our online shop https://www.maxmellow-apparel.com/.

To be continued ...
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